Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things That make me say Yayyy!!!

“So often we experience things in life, and yet never see the connections between them. When we are given hardship, or feel pain, we often fail to consider that the experience may be the direct cause or result of another action or experience. Sometimes we fail to recognize the direct connection between the pain in our lives and our relationship with Allah SWT” 

― Yasmin MogahedReclaim Your Heart

I love to hear the quotes of Yasmin , on the days I'm feeling a bit down... This is one of my favorites!!

I think i should have called these posts "Things that make me say Alhamdulilah"

I'm so eternally grateful for my family, my parents, my siblings My hubby, 
and of course The Loves of my life, (my children). Without them, I dont know how I would have coped in life.

Theres so much stress, so much burdens, and so many worries, but Knowing that Allah Swt is there day, and night, watching over us, taking care of us feeding us, and loving us, gives you all the satisfaction in the world, that any human being could ever need!!

This is one of the most beautifulest dua i like to read, when I'm feeling down, and It always makes me feel so much more alive..

Allahumma inni a'udhu bika minal-hammi wal-Ḥuzni wal-'ajazi wal-kasli wal-bukhli wal-jubni wa ḍalaEid-dayni waghalabatir-rijal.
O Allah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being overpowered by men.

This week has just rushed by,  With the kids going to school early in the morning, and with the days getting so much shorter in the winter, theres not much you can do but, namaz, cook,clean, pay bills and wait for the kids to come home..

My Babies coming home from school, tried to get a good shot, but it was so busy on the road, with the beautiful leaves of autumn, and winter..

I made them some of my delicious Pitta Pockets, except they weren't homemade this time, i bought a pack of pittas from Costco.. 

They actually really come in handy when your in a hurry to prepare something for the kiddos..
 You only need a few ingredients 

Here's the recipe if you want to make them at home Homemade Pittas

I also bought my self, one of these plastic planners for my coupons... 
I am kind of getting addicted to couponing, its so much fun, and you save so much money.
Did you know, Target doubles even triples your coupons??

This way they stay organized, and you don't have to wait up the line behind you...

Sunday was so cold here in NC... It was pouring with rain, so i made some of my  low carb soup, with french bread in the oven... Umm it tasted so good, while i snuggled next to my computer.. "does anyone like hot sauce on their soup"
Heres the quick recipe if you want to give it a go...Click Here

Could you guys belive this is what i ate, after the hot warming soup, for my soul...
I know im a bit crazy sometimes...lol But hey it happens!!!

Last but not least, I stitched together a Salwar Kameez for my sister, using these beautiful lace sleeves.... They turned out gorgeous, and the color was just mind blowing...
I cant wait to share more sewing, tips, and tutorials with you guys real soon... let me know if anyone of you need any help, I will be more than happy to help out...
Here are some of the posts if your interested..
How to sew a simple belt salwar

The perfect Measurment Chart for salwar kameez

You can be a expert Seamstress in no time

Until next time take care, Stay warm, safe, and blessed...

Please dont forget to keep me and my family in your prayers...


  1. wow naz such a beautiful clicks :) i like the sleeves too :) you rocks ;)

  2. wow naz such a beautiful clicks :) i like the sleeves too :) you rocks ;)

    1. Thankyou so much for stopping by Monu, Love your lovely comments...

  3. lovely! I welcome u to my event
    wedding anniversary cakes & events!
    Plz hop over & link ur recipes :)

    1. Thanks for the invite Haffa, I will defintetly stop by...

  4. Wow what a website mashAllah!! Good job Naz! Keep it up

  5. Love this post, and don't worry, I love having cold treats after something hot! :)

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