Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yummy and Quick Snacks and appetizer Recipes for Ramdan Iftari 2014

We have just a few days left Inshallah for the Holy Month Of Ramadan.. May Allah Accept our Dua's and give us the Strenght to abundantly do Lots Of Ibadah. Im Sharing with you all Brothers and Sisters Naz's Fiesta Style,  great Quick and simple Snacks and Appetizers to prepare easily this Ramadan.. Please Share this post with Relatives, friends and Family and Enjoy for Iftari Inshallah...

Crispy Veggie Potato Pakoras Perfect for Ramadan Click HERE for The Recipe

A quick and simple recipe for Mouthwatering Crispy Pakora Burgers CLick on the  link for recipe

Step by Step Recipe for potato and  Mince (beef Filled) Samosas.. Yummy :)

Crispy Spiced Cat Fish Great for Sea lovers

Chicken Tikka Kabobs Fiesta Style..

Crispy Chicken Oatmeal Fritters...a perfect snack for the kids with your favorite dips

You can Make these Yummy Goodies out of this Recipe
with Tandoori Chicken, Naan, and Fresh Veggies of your Choice.
Potato Chip Sandwiches For the Kids... (their Going to Luv Them)
Chicken Tikka Burger A perfect light and easy Snack/dinner for Iftari..
and would taste extra good with my
2 in One Fiesta Style Pizza, Half pizza is Cheese for the kids, and the other half, a veggie beef delight...
Well Friends These are some, and not all of my recipes I have on my blog, But hope that they will be helpful this Ramadan...For more Recipes look under the appetizers Category... I hope you enjoy these quick Recipes.. For any questions or comments please leave them below, and I would be more than happy to get back to you.. Love Naz.. P.S please keep me and my family in your Dua's This Ramadan  xxxx


  1. Lovely collection, masha allah....

  2. Waaao... Thnx for such yummy dishes.. please upload more..


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