Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sohaib and Awais's Graduation Ceremony

My post today is a little  different from my recipes, its a very special post that I coulden't wait to share... My boys Passed their final results, and came in 3rd Position!! With all the studying, and all the tutoring me and their dad do with them, wish they would have came first or second, but even 3rd Position is quite good enough for my boys that are constantly struggling, in Urdu...

It was such a bright sunny day, and the kids were so excited waiting eagerly to hear the results, that the principal was pronouncing, at Pilot Cadet Public School in Shinka Pakistan.
(please let me add this a great academic school for your kids, I  want to give the teachers, and staff a great big Thank you xo for all their time effort, and hard work they put into each and every day, to give our kids, their students the best Education!!!

The principal
We were welcomed with such a cute, welcoming drama on the stage the kids had preformed..
(please excuse the big green head in the middle of the pic:)))))) lol
Sohaib my cutie, received  3rd position, with a trophy, and a Certificate It was such a happy feeling and I was so relieved all the hard work and studying had payed off..
Awais my baby boy was not happy at all!! lol he insisted on first or second position, but was off, by just a few marks.. So hopefully next year Inshallah...
They rushed to the back of  all the family's and parents that were their and gave me a big bear hug... and had me hold their Trophy's while they played with their friends..
When we got home my sister had cooked them one of their favorite food Pizza.... We all sat together and enjoyed a delicious lunch at my parents house..
OH so yummy this was...
 Party time after the graduation!!!!
My boys will know be moving forward to first, and Third grade...
Then we Had The most delicious Tres Leches Cake and Ice Cream my Dad had brang them home, when he received their phone call that they had Passed...
Last but not least Sohaib, and Awais were Surprised, their Aunt and Uncles had promised them If they were to hold a Position... They were going to get something special...
and they Got a Mini IPad......
I cant explain the happy feeling, and those faces they were making running in the whole yard!! They were so happy, Thanks to my wonderful family... LOVE you guys... I would be nothing without you guys today....May god bless each and every one of you... This includes my friends as well. :)
Partys not over yet guys...
I had promised them a party for their friends, if they got good marks. So even though I was as Tired as  a Elephant, I had to do what was promised, and believe it or not, it turned out to be so much fun....
They invited a dozen of friends, and played games, raffles,
and enjoyed yummy snacks and favors....
Everyone went home with prizes and treats, It was so exciteing to see all the happy faces on their friends faces...
(oops is that my head in the back!!!!!!! haha)
After all Alhamdulliah it was a wonderful day, and I am so blessed by the grace of Allah for my beautiful kids... Love them so much god bless them and each and every wonderful child in this world...
Looking forward to another year of hard work, and studying with the kids, their school work and homework...

I hope you all have enjoyed this post please keep me and my family in your prayers...
Love Naz..
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  1. Assalamu alaikum! This was such a sweet post - I really enjoyed it mashallah :)

  2. wow naz.. this is so cute post :) i am loving the clicks :) wonderful pictures.. i have really enjoyed reading it :) hope your family had a great fun together.. i want pizza cake treats yummyyyyyyyyyyy :P keep my share dear :*

  3. pluss congrats to Sohaib and awais bless them :)

  4. Thankyou SO much ! for your lovely comments Monu xoxo

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