Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Make a Beautiful Aline dress to Impress Tutorial part 2/5

Make a Beautiful Aline Dress To impress!! In this video I will help you step by step on how to make the beautifulest Alnie dress with a band collar, and beautiful lace.. The upper part of the kameez will have black velvet fabric, and pretty laces, and the bottom will be made out of silk... The sleeves will be long and elegant with a piece of the black velvet on the bottom, Leaving the sleeves long gives you a beautiful elegant look and they will scrunch up when you wear them, leaving everyone impressed.. You can do this your self, and it dosent even take that much time.. You just have to be patient, and watch carefully.. Personally I am a hands on Type of a Gal' So videos or anything I see works well for me.. and I hope that these tutorials will help and guide you along your sewing path and journey.. Your guys's feedback is real important in order for me t help you guys.. So would you be so kind and let me know if you liked it, or if this was helpful, and I will do my best to get more videos posted for you.. Lots of love, and good luck Naz.. )


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  2. Abz AhmedMarch 16, 2014 at 1:16 PM
    Hey naz Mashallah this is so impressive, your clothes look very beautiful and your recipes are amazing and look so delicious , will be sure to try many of them out very soon inshallah and keep up the hard work, your website is amazing , take care lots if love SK

    1. Thanks a million Abz Ahmed!!! So glad to have you visiting.... and so happy you like my posts, and that I could be of help*** Don't forget to subscribe on the top right, so you don't miss a single post....thanks again for such wonderful feedback, I appreciate it so much... SK????? thinking lol!! luv naz xoxo


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