Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Make a Simple Belt Salwar Using a Measurment step by step

Salam, and hi guys today's sewing post is going to be for a Simple Belt Salwar Using a Measurement..
The belt salwar is, a pants(salwar with pleats giving you more room to be comfortable around the crotch and thighs, yet having a belt on top, not giving you such a bulky look, that you would normally have with a Traditonal Simple salwar!( I'm sorry if I put this a little too straight forward lol) I am cutting sewing and putting this suit together for my self.. its a rayon fabric perfect for summer, so I cant wait to wear it...
Belt Salwars are trending in fashion these days.. I personally started wearing them many years ago, and will not wear anything but the actual belt salwar.

Its real simple and easy, not as hard as it looks but you have to be patient...I myself, usually learn a lot from hands on training, or pictures, So I will try to make this post, and tutorial as easy as I can, so please bare with me...
You will need a hard surface to cut on, like a large dining table, or cutting table, or you can simply cut the clothes on a clean floor surface... Make sure you have a sharp scissor, the correct measurement, and some chalk, or a pen.....a Normal Belt salwar can be made from 2 yards of fabric or more.
We will begin Bismillah I rahman I raheem....

Note.. For starters you might want to use a cotton, or rayon type of unexpensive fabric.
I will have the actual done salwar pic on the next tutorial/post..
I will also have a post for the kameez that goes to this salwar in my next post, and then will have the actual finished results, so you guys can have a better look :)
Layout your salwar fabric and double it, (about 2 yards of fabric) so it turns into four pieces, Making sure their are no pleats, or wrinkles in the fabric that will make it uneven..

Now you will measure the bottom length  of the belt salwar (not including the belt) just the length under the belt, like I have in the pic... Leave about 1/2 inch of seam allowance on the top, where you will attach the belt. and leave about 1 1/2 inches of seam allowance at the bottom for the hemming of the pauncha ( salwar leg hole)
Once you cut the length remove the fabric from the bottom, because we will need that for the belt part...

Now using your sharp scissors put your measurement neatly on top of your fabric, and measure for the crotch.. Make a mark there with a pen or chalk..
Now read your Kalima, and start the cutting from the bottom of the pants (pauncha) leaving about a 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch seam allowance for the hemming.. Your measurement will guide you on how to curve your pants. remove the access fabric leftover from the bottom left..
a closer picture of where to start the cutting from the bottom!!
Now we will cut the belt that will be attached to the top of the salwar. First measure using a tape measure, or your measurement how wide and tall the belt should be, again leaving seam allowance for the elastic hemming on top, and hemming on the bottom.
The fabric that was leftover from the bottom, and side of the pants, can be used to make the belt, you might have to add a piece of attachment in the middle, if you have a heavier body, or salwar..
 So just put a piece in the middle how I did in the pic. 
Now that you are done cutting out your salwar, then you have to sew it in 2 different parts, and put it together. first start of with the belt. Sew your attachment in the middle and press it out for a cleaner finish. Then hem the top for the elastic..
Then you will put the sides of the pants together ( THE BOTTOM PIECE OF THE SALWAR) Then you will attach the belt to the salwar, and add your pleats ( which I will show you guys how to do in my next tutorial so please be patient with me)
and last but not least your bottom of your salwar the Pauncha... Then you just close off the salwar from the bottom.. and walla you are done and will be a expert seamstress in no time....
I hope this was helpful for all my sewing buddies... In my next tutorial I will show you guys how to sew it together.. SO please stay tuned, and follow me by email on the top right corner so you don't miss any new posts.... and don't forget to follow me on facebook


  1. awesome tutorial Sis, keep up the good work,! i wish i was closer to you so you can sew me some clothes!! ;)

    1. Thankyou Karen, means so much to me sis....So glad you enjoyed my post, and I wish I was closer too, I would of loved to sew for you...Thanks again for stopping by.. take care :)

  2. Such a wonderful talent......wish I lived close by :(

  3. THankyou Nisa!! I wish you did too:)

  4. wow Naz you are a multi talented lady :) mashAllah great job dear

    1. LOLZZZZZZZ thanks Monu... You are too Sweet!!!!

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  6. Hi Naz
    After a log search i found this blog as am very interested in sewing but i dont have the correct measurement guide. I tried to open your videos but I cant open any. Pls guide.


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