Friday, February 28, 2014

Refreshing Mango Custard Tropical triffle

I coulden't wait to get my hands on my laptop to share this refreshing recipe with all you guys today..
Laying besides me as I type is a plate full of this yummy tropical goodness of Yummm.... I couldent decide what to call this dessert I made twice this week, for my dads get togethers he had with some good old friends visiting in town... I wanted it to be special sweet and refreshing since were getting so much of this Lovely shiny springy weather.. Im sure you all know by now I cant wait for summer if you've seen my previous recipes for Devils food ice Creme Cake, Kulfa cake, and my fresh Fruit and Cream Cake..
This dessert is layers of my busy day snack cake, topped with mango custard. Then apples, bananas and Vanilla Ice cream, Then topped with whipped crème, and last but not leased topped with little cubes of your favorite Jello,  Pineapple Chunks, and coconut.... STARTING TOO SOUND GOOD!!! well then get busy go pull out those ingredients from your refrigerator and pantry and whip up some of this yummy goodness.. Treat yourself, or your friends and family.. Or even for Easter, potlucks, or your next party.....

OH!! and my dad just called to let me know his guest's were head over heals after the dessert...They loved it!!

For the recipe for my busy day snack cake, that's prepared, and baked in no time Click HERE

Servings for 6-8
Make 4-6 cups of  mango custard according to your package
1 recipe for my busy day snack cake.. Or you can use any sponge cake store bought etc.
4 cups of vanilla icecream
4 cups of whipped cream
1 pack of jello (prepared as instructions of box) Cut into Squares
1 cup of drained pineapple cut into squares
2 apples cut and diced
2 bananas sliced
coconut for topping (optional)

 In a large serving dish arrange your cake pieces.. I usually cut them into tiny cubes, but this time left them In large pieces. Pour your juice leftover from the pineapple over the cake so it wont absorb all of the custard right away.. and then pour over your mango custard, and let set for about 15 minutes.
In a separate bowl thaw your icecream using a spoon.
                                    Gently spread the icecream all over your custard. and top with apples, bananas, and coconut.

Then its time for the fun part!! Pour your whipped cream all over the top spreading out evenly.

Top with your favorite Jello, and pineapple chunks!! You can also use, nuts, almonds.. or even crushed candy.. Chill for up to 1 hour before serving..

Enjoy with your loved ones, and keep me in your prayers.. Luv Naz..

Hope this recipe was helpful. if you have any questions, or suggestions please leave them below.. I would love to hear them.. and don't forget to follow me by email, to recive new updates straight to your inbox..



  1. This looks absolutely yumm and inviting.

  2. Thankyou so glad you guys stopped by Nandoos kitchen, and Ruxana :)

  3. mouthwatering :) awesome clicks.. will make for my kid :D you know what i am talking about ;)


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