Monday, February 10, 2014

Devils Food Ice Cream Cake/Pie

Salaam, and hi friends I'm so sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks now, Ive been working on the new look of my website... You guys are going to love it Inshallah... It still needs a little bit of work, so please bare with me my loyal friends!! :) Because without all of you I wouldn't be here today, sharing all my yummy recipes...

Today's recipe is going to take you off your seats,, adapted from my good friend, and a excellent chef, that makes cooking Easy!!! its called Devils Food Ice Cream Cake.  Nisa shared with  us  a Snickers Icecream Pie on her latest recipe, and It was like heaven, looking at all the cooling pictures, since spring is just around the corner, and I was craving something chili, and sweet, with the nice sunny temps.. So I had to give this Naughty treat a try. Layers, of Brownies, or your favorite cake, or boxed brownies, topped with luscious Chocolate ice cream, chocolate toppings, and another layer of ice cream, drizzled with butterscotch, caramel or any topping of your choice...

 I did make some slight changes. On Nisa's recipe the ice cream was topped on brownies, I didn't use her recipe for that I used my own recipe for my Devils food Cake instead, and I didn't add the snickers  (Cuz I didn't have any at the time lol) I used Hershey's Chocolate Topping, and butterscotch topping, topped with grated Chocolate...and believe it or not, it was the most moistest, yummiest, delicious Cake/Pie that I have ever tasted, in years... Almost like a Baskin Robins Ice cream Cake... You guys must give this a try, your family will be in for a treat, and you will have raving fans around the dessert table.. Thankyou Nisa homey "you really do make Cooking Easy....................

Recipe for my Devils food Cake Click HERE
Prep time 15 minutes to assemble
Cooling time: 1-4 hours or overnight  for chilling...

2-4 cups of chocolate ice cream
2 cups vanilla ice cream
Hershey's chocolate topping
butterscotch topping
about 1/4 of a cup of grated Hershey's chocolate
Nuts almonds, candy optional of your choice

Method: Its best and pretty  to use a Pyrex baking dish, but you can use any pie dish, or baking pan.. ( I used on of my normal baking dishes because I had a accident several years ago , with the glass baking dishes, and I'm SO scared to use them......

Prepare your brownies, or cake in a baking pan, or dish (the one you plan on using)
Once the brownies/cake have completely cooled, add your softened icecream to the top, making sure their aren't any lumps.. Top with nuts, candy, chocolate, caramel, and place in the fridge for about 15 minutes, to set..
Now gently add your vanilla icecream on top giving it a perfect layer, top with chocolate, butterscotch, and nuts or candy...
Chill for atleast any where from 2-4 hours.. I only chiled mines for 1 hour because the kids were completely glued to the kitchen...:)
Gently cut into large pieces, or squares and serve.... immediately

I had a piece leftover for the next day.... and It even tasted better than the first day********
Hope you all enjoy this sweet, tasty recipe..Take care,  and don't forget to follow me by email to get new yummy notifications stratight to your inbox, and follow me on facebook at

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  1. Wow! you really are tempting me girl!! love your version of this ice cream pie...thank you for mentioning me...I am so glad that you enjoyed it!!

  2. Yummy and super tempting ice cream.

  3. Ah!!! that looks like an absolute killer of a dessert... good for parties!

  4. Replies
    1. Sanoli, Rafeeda, monu, and Nisa, Thankyou so much..... You guys must try.


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