Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pizza Pockets in a Sandwich Maker in 10 minutes

Yes you've read that title of the post right!!:) You can make Pizza Pockets in a Sandwich Maker in less than 10 minutes.. I have been using a sandwich maker for years now, and it became so old that my sister bought me one for a birthday present last year. ("Thanks Sunny") I cant explain the benefits of a sandwich maker, especially if your a busy mom, or always busy on the go and want to have something for lunch, dinner or a snack for your kids quickly. My kids cant get enough of the pizza pockets I make for them. Their made of just simple ingredients that are usually always in your refrigerator. Cheese, bread and leftover spaghetti/Pizza sauce. Just 3 simple ingredients and you'll get delicious Stuffed Bread pockets oozing with cheese and sauce...

My sandwich maker makes 2 sandwiches which I slice with a pizza cutter, making 4 half's in less than 5 minutes.. So If you want to relieve some stress of your shoulder and make quick fixes for your kids get a sandwich maker today... You'll be so glad you did..
Oh and did I forget to add, you can make hot steamy sandwiches out of any leftovers... Beef, Vegetables, or Chicken. believe me you'll have more ideas once you get one..

Here's the quick recipe for my Sandwich Maker Pizza Pockets

Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time: Sandwich maker 5 minutes
Recipe Source: Naz's Kitchen Fiesta
Servings 4 sandwiches

1 cup of pizza or spaghetti sauce
1 cup or more according to your cheesy taste buds of Cheese
oil, maragarine, or butter to butter the front and back of the bread
8 slices of wheat or white bread

Plug in your sandwich maker. Carefully spoon some butter or margarine over your bread, and lay that side down on your sandwich maker.( I like to butter it a little so it dosen't stick to the Sandwich Maker)

Add about 2 tablespoons of sauce over the bread, and lay 2-3 slices or a handful of shredded cheese over the bread.
put the other buttered bread on top, and close your sandwich maker gently.
Your sandwich maker should indicate a red light after about 5 minutes or even less when its done...

Enjoy with a crispy refreshing salad. Click HERE for the link and recipe
Youre kids will love you for making them.
Love Naz

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  1. The perfect sandwiches ; with a cheesy cheesy look ;) looks damn good :P

  2. So cheesy sandwiches, looks divine.

    1. Monu Teena, Sanoli Ghosh Thankyou so much...


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