Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to make Perfect HomeMade Pita Bread

Have you ever wondered if you can make warm, soft Pita bread, or pita pockets at home?? Well now you can!! Because I'm going to show you how to make the most easiest pita bread in the world.. Ive made these about 5 times this past last month, and have been like dying to share with all of you..

Its this unexplainable unbelievable, loveable, (ok I know im overdoing it now!!) feeling that you get when you can make your own pitta bread, I mean you can always go pick some up from the store or bakery, but you don't know how old they are or if their fresh or not, or even what their made out of!
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The pitas use just some simple pantry ingredients, and the recipe I'm using usually make 10 medium size pitas.. You can split the recipe if you want to only make about 4-5.  

stuff the Pitas
with anything you like, like fresh, vegetables, leftovers, kabobs, salads, or anything your kids want!! I've even stuffed them with homemade hash browns, and eggs (cant wait to share this recipe soon) for the Kids.. It makes a complete meal.."monch monch"

I could go on forever Baby!!!

Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 15 minutes per batch
Oven 325
Flour rising time 2-4 hours or more depending on your climate
Recipe Source: My moms very old Betty Crocker Cookbook
Makes 9-10 Medium size pitas

Notes: If you would like to use the recipe I used to stuff my pitas click HERE

6 cups all purpose flour
4 tablespoons yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 x-large egg, or 2 small ones
4 tablespoons olive oil or cooking oil
4 cups hot water (not so hot that you burn your hands, but almost really warm)

In a large mixing bowl stir together flour salt  and yeast mix really good making sure its all mixed up.

In a small bowl or cup beat the egg with a fork or whisk, and add to the flour mixture, now add oil and start mixing using a hand whisk or electric mixer, or you can use your clean hands.
Start adding warm water(you may not need all the water) with one hand and mixing the dough with your other hand little by little  until you get a nice stiff sticky dough..

Cover the dough with a washcloth or Saran wrap (no foil) and place in a warm place so the flour gets double triple its size. I usually place my dough covered in my oven on the middle rack  and place a large bowl of hot boiling water underneath it, to help it rise on cloudy days..

Once the dough has raised Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface.
Punch dough down Cover dough and let rest another 10 minutes.
In the meantime grease a large baking sheet, or you can use your oven rack, covered with foil
Divide dough in 3 parts, roll out dough using your rolling pin, just like you would for pizza, about less than half inch wide.
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Once your dough is neatly rolled out less than half inch wide, use a xxxxlarge cookie cutter, or just place a medium size plate gently over the dough, and using a pizza cutter cut around the plate to give you a perfect round medium sized pitta..

On your greased baking tray, or rack place pittas and place in your preheated oven on 320 degrees for about 10=12 minutes.

after 10 minutes, using a tip of a table knife gently raise and check the pitta underneath, if you start to see a gently light golden yellow color, Hit the broil button and pull out your pittas quickly brush them with butter or olive oil, and place back under your broiler for up to 5 minutes checking real closely to see they don't over brown or burn.
Remove pittas and place in a washcloth so they stay nice and soft and warm.

To cut the pittas, once they are cooled you need a real sharp knife, I used the one out of my knife set, the one that has the sharp teeth, to cut the pittas. Cut them in half with a pizza cutter now start from the middle using a sharp knife cutting STRAIGHT down softly and gently..

Stuff your pittas with whatever you may like and enjoy with your loved ones.. Your guest will think your a excellent chef, they wont even notice their homemade...

These pittas can even be freezed in a airtight Ziploc bag or container up to 2 months. just pop them in the microwave and their ready to be used.
My dinner table the last time I made homemade Pita breads:)
Chow until next time, and please remember me in your duas, and prayers...Love Naz:)


  1. This one thing I still have not tried yet...thanks for the detailed post :)

  2. WOW Naz.. Pita Bread.. very simple and easy to make; in fact all ingredients are at my home now :) going to try :P thanks for sharing :*

    1. No problem, Monu so glad I can share with all of you... Hope they work out great for you just like they do for me everytime....:)

  3. these do look absolutely amazing... so soft... bookmarked!

    1. Thankyou loads Rafeeda.. So glad you stopped by, going to visit your place todays inshallah..xoxox

  4. Plain or self raising flour ?

  5. Hi, anonymous I used Plain Flour :)

  6. Sure it is 4 tablespoon yeast or typo error?

    1. HI, yes for this particular recipe, and all these pita breads it is 4 tablespoons :)

  7. Hi Baji!
    Can I bake these pita's in a tandoor?

    1. Hi Serena, Sorry sis I haven't tried them in a Tandoor yet, although ive made them, in the oven lots of time.....


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