Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Iron Is A Tailors Best Friend

My iron is my Best Friend.  Ironing is a very important part of sewing. The Iron is a Tailors best friend..
Its like a extra pair of hands. It helps your fabric stay in place, and keep the seems flat and smooth, and of course its perfect for fold and hems. I cant live without my iron. I will not sew for a minute without having my iron on sitting next to me.

Its better to use iron on interfacing for your sewing needs because they stick together easier,
Its also perfect for Salwar Kameez when you have to do the neck designs or when you have to do the (Pauncha) bottom of your salwar.
Hear are some helpful tips to help with your sewing project's

1. If your ironing thin fabric or a fabric that's black. Cover it with a gauze so it doesn't burn or so it dose not get the iron stains from the iron when its hot.

2. If your  ironing polyester or wool fabric, cover with gauze or thin fabric then wet with your water sprayer to get a professional seem.

3. Before you start sewing a project Iron your interfacing's on to your cuffs, collars, etc.
More Preparation before sewing takes less time to sew your favorite project

4. Always keep your iron away from your children because it could be very hot and dangerous
I think we should all know this one lol..

5. When you're sewing, especially if your a new sewer and a beginner, always iron your seams when your done sewing each part, in order to give it that professional look like the Tailors

I hope that these ironing tips come in  handy, when your doing your sewing projects.. Stay tuned for more posts, and quick and simple tutorials. Have you checked out: http://www.nazkitchenfun.com/2013/12/salwar-kameez-measurement-chart.html

 and You Can be a Expert Seamstress in no Time

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tips NAZ :) have a good day my dear !

    1. Your So welcome!! Thankyou so much for stopping by Monu Teena:)


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