Thursday, November 28, 2013

Easy Meatball Manchurian

Last week I made some of my Quick Chicken Manchurian, and I couldn't stop thinking about it...  I was thinking about it all week, night and day I thought of that yummy Indo Chinese dish, that was so mouthwatering good,  The fun part was eating It with my family, all gathered around the dinner table while my boys had their own little Story's to tell. I was so excited because my kids absolutely loved the Meatball Manchurian.
Slaving off in the kitchen for hours trying to put a satisfying warm meal on the table isn't easy, but when you get quick feedback from your Kiddos, believe me, it could be so touching (Its like sweet dessert after dinner)
  So I pulled up my sleeves, put on my apron, and got busy in my kitchen...

I thought of doing something different with the Manchurian, but having the same recipe.. and that same oriental taste. "Guess What I made" Meatball Manchurian!!

like you didn't read the title post lol.. Im just so excited to share this yummy recipe with you all..  because its so dreamy soft, sweet, sour and PERFECT...

The Recipe for this yummy dish is similar to the Chicken Manchurian recipe, The only difference is the meatballs, usually for the chicken Manchurian we would fry the chicken first, this time we will fry the meatballs kind of like (koftas). I served the dish with fluffy white Rice..

"Get ready for hugs and kisses at the dinner table"

Hurry on over and get the recipe to get started..

Servings for 6
Prep Time: 30 min
Cook Time 30 min

Ingredients: For the fluffy white rice Click Here

Ingredients: for the Meatballs
1 lb pound lean ground beef
 1 tablespoon  garlic paste
1/2 teaspoon salt
 1 teaspoon red chili powder
1 teaspoon Chinese salt
 1 egg
1/2 cup of gram flour

Method and Instructions for the Meatballs:
Put all the ingredients  into a mixing bowl and mix, add in the egg and the flour mix with your hand. Knead the beef using your hands, and palms like you would do for mixing (atta) or flour. Once completely mixed  start performing 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide meatballs... and arrange in a plate, in the meantime preheat your oil ( it should be clean oil that has not been used for frying before) fry the meatballs on both sides mixing them around in the oil to get completely covered.. Remove from heat once their a brown color, and place on a paper towel to absorb oil...

Ingredients for the gravy:
1 medium sized onion
1 tablespoon garlic
1 tablespoon  red chili sauce
1 tablespoon ketchup
1 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup of soy sauce
1 tablespoon Chinese salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt ( or according to taste)
1 cup of capsicum, bell peppers
1 cup of carrots
 2 to 3 cups of water
3 tablespoons of cornstarch for thickening of the gravy
3 tablespoons of oil.

Method and Instructions:
1.In a large wok or pan, heat your oil, then add your onions, cook for about 2-3 minutes and add garlic, bell peppers, carrots, salt, pepper, Chinese salt, and soy sauce. Stir fry for about 5 minutes, then add your ketchup.
2. Add your water and cook for about 8-10 minutes.
Then add your cornstarch ( mix about 2 tablespoons of water to form a paste, and use a whisk) Whisking until you start to see a thickness in the gravy...
3. Now add your Meatballs. cover, and cook for another 5 minutes
4. Garnish with spring green peppers (optional) , and sesame seeds, and enjoy over Hot Boiled Rice!!!
Your Chicken Manchurian Is ready To Serve

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