Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fiesta Style Two in One Pizza

Do any of you have kids that are always saying I want  Cheese Pizza! But you tell them to wait because you want to bake one for yourself or for your guest first, Or you just want to bake the hard one first. Well I have the same problem so today I baked a Two In One Pizza.

 I made the pizza out of  some leftover beef I had laying in my refrigerator from the night before. I just cut up my toppings made some dough, used some ready made sauce and "Walla"  It turned out so good.
 The kids were so happy they didn't have to wait. Half of the pizza was cheese and half was a Fiesta Style Beef and Veggie Delight.

I just sliced it up for my boys and kept the other half for me and my hubby.
It saves a lot of time, plus you have 2 different kinds of pizza you can eat any kind you want!

Prep time 30 min
Baking time 15 min
Ingredients for 1 large pizza 12 pieces

For the Perfect Pizza Dough
2 cups all purpose flour( maida)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
3 tablespoon active dry yeast
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons dry milk/ Milk powder
1 1/2 cup warm water

For the Sauce

2 cups Pizza sauce I used store bought sauce/ Ragu or Prego (if you would like the recipe for homemade sauce click HERE)

 For the Toppings
1 cup cooked leftovers ground beef, chicken breast, or beef
1 block 2 cups  of shredded mozzarella cheese
1 large onion sliced lengthwise
1 large tomato
2 capsicum pepper bell peppers
1 green chili pepper


1. First make the dough (pizza crust) Mix the above ingredients in a bowl with Warm water knead the dough so it becomes nice and smooth, then put to aside in a warm area so the flour could rise Double its size for 30-45 min.( you may not need all of the warm water)

2. preheat your oven to 350 so it becomes hot, and warm. Grease a x-large pizza pan  sprinkle with flour

3. In the meantime slice your toppings of your choice. and shred your cheese.

4. Now roll out your dough To make a x-large pizza crust, gently lay it on your pizza pan.

5. Spread the sauce over the crust, Then your cheese, Now on half of your pizza place the toppings, and last but not least your leftover ground beef.

6. sprinkle with oregano, black pepper and salt. Place in your oven and bake for 15 min
Checking the pizza frequently every 5 min.

7. Once its almost done (this is optional) place under your broiler of your oven for 5 min.

Let the pizza cool on a rack, and cut after 10-15 min with a pizza cutter
You Have A X-Large Pizza made in no time, To enjoy at home or for your next Fiesta party So Enjoy with your favorite Ranch, and salads.

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  1. mashallah the kids are growing up so fast,love the picture......shak

  2. mashallah the kids are growing up so fast,love the picture......shak

    1. Thankyou Shak, It took me awhile to figure you out.. A loving Welcome to my Site.. So glad you made it here. Thankyou for your kind words, it really means a lot to me. It lets me know who my true friends and family are:)


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