Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cheese Sandwich Made from Leftover Pizza Dough In a Sandwich Maker

A light fulfilling sandwich great for lunch, Kids, or a Snack.
Made from leftover pizza dough. Stuffed with your favorite Sauce, Cheese, or veggies.
There are so many wonders you can do with a simple sandwich maker! So buy one for your kids today!

prep time 10 min
cook time 10 min
Needed: A sandwich maker

Left over pizza dough
Mozarella cheese
Pizza sauce
Oil or cooking spray to grease your sandwich maker

Roll out a 2-3 inch ball of  leftover Pizza Dough

Keep rolling until you get about a 10 inch long tortilla( Tortilla should be very thin if you have used yeast in your pizza dough, Because it is going to rise

With a pizza cutter, cut it in half then cut it into squares, like a piece of bread

Grease your sandwich maker Top, and bottom with oil, or cooking spray

now put the pieces of dough  in your sandwich maker, and top with sauce and cheese. and cook for about 10 min

Remove from Sandwich maker, and let cool in a plate before cutting

Serve with your favorite ketchup, ranch and salads

I hope u enjoy this simple recipe
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  1. This is awesome!! love it!! now I wonder why I didn't think of it before!! sharing and pinning!!

  2. Thankyou so much Nisa! Do give it a try their delicious, and remember to make the tortilla from the dough really thin if you have used a lot of yeast in your flour:)

  3. Amazing sandwiches made with pizza dough. Interesting and innovative too. Thanks for dropping by my space, you have a wonderful space too. Gladly following back. keep in touch....

  4. Thankyou for stopping by, so glad to have you here!! Will definantly keep in touch:)


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