Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mini Jello Fiesta Cocktails

These Mini Jello Fiesta's are to die for. They are so cute, yet so tasty healthy and satisfying.
I remember eating them in Elementary school and the Teachers would say "eat your fruit's and Jelly its good For you."

So I made these for my boys last weekend and couldn't wait to post the recipe for all of my wonderful, friends and viewers.

The Cocktails are made out of  2 different flavors of jelly, and your favorite fruit. You can use fresh fruit laying around in your refrigerator, or you can use a can of  Fresh Fruit Cocktail. Then their  prepared in plastic Mini disposable cups.

It's a good way to make your kids eat that healthy fruit, since jelly is almost flavorless..
You can even top the cocktail's with whipping cream, nuts and almonds, but I didn't because I thought It would get too sweet for the kids.
So here is my simple step by step  recipe for Mini Jello Fiesta Cocktails.

Prep time 30  min
assembling 10-15 min
Refrigerate 30-45 min
Ingredients: makes 8 disposable mini cups of cocktail

2 packets of Jello / lime flavor and cherry flavor/ or any of your choice
3 cups of  fruit cocktail or fresh fruit of your choice diced
8 disposable mini cups
whipping cream/cool whip optional

Notes: 1.Make sure you refrigerate the Cocktails up to the given time provided or you will have a very watery cocktail.
2.  When done Keep in the freezer section of your refrigerator if your planning on serving them after dinner, so they wont start to get soft, or watery.

Make your jello according to your package, while its still room temp pour it in your mini cups 1/3 of the cup full. let stand for about 5 min.
Now pour in 2 tbs of  your fresh fruit, or your fruit cocktail, let that sit for 5 min.

Now pour the Cherry jelly on top, and refrigerate after 10 min. for up to 30-45 min.

After Refrigerating the mini cocktails for up to 30-45 min, Using a thin sharp fruit knife Very gently loosen the side of the cups and squeeze out the cocktails on to your garnishing plate or bowls.

 Or gently just squeeze the bottom of the cup's and they will come right out.

Have fun garnishing your Mini Cocktails, with whip cream or cool whip, and some chopped nuts, or almonds. Or Enjoy with some fresh fruit or cocktail.
I hope that your loved ones will enjoy these Yummy delights as much as my family did:)
Have fun, and if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Stay Blessed Love Naz.
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