Friday, August 16, 2013

Home Made Potato Crisps

Are u sick of eating the same old potato chips, or crisps? Well  make your own...
I do, and there really good. You just need a few simple ingredients you can use eat them with ketchup, put them in your favorite burgers, sandwiches, or serve them to your kids for lunch or as a snack.

This recipe is for fried potato crisps, but you can bake them as well.

Ingredients servings for4
prep time 10 min
cook time 10 min

4 large potatoes
salt, according to taste
oil for frying
pinch of black pepper
seasoning, garlic, onion( optional
ice cold water

Slice your potatoes really thin, with a potato slicer, or by hand. Then give them a Shock in Ice cold water for about 10 min. remove and strain
Now add oil, a pinch of salt according to your taste buds, pepper, and seasoning mix like garlic, onion etc.
and fry on med-high flame for about 2-3 min on each side.
If you are going to use them in a sandwich or burger and don't want them too crispy then take the crisps out fast other wise for crunchier crisps leave in oil for a bit longer.
Note.. Keep stirring, moving the chips around in the oil, because they do become brown really quick.
any questions let me know in the comment box below.
hope this has been helpful ... love Naz..


  1. How do you cut them so fine and thin I tryer but are very thick

  2. My Anonymous friend.. I use a portable potato cutter/slicer, its really cool I will take a pic in my next potato post to let you guys see! and im going to be giving one away in my Giveaway soon.. So stay tuned:)

  3. By using vegetable slicer from Walmart $14

  4. Thanks for the great Info Neelum Bilal:)

  5. Hi baji!!!!! Great to see your website becoming such a big success. Mashallah the food looks so good I will definitely be trying out some of your recipes. The chicken tikka looks awesome! I will be viewing your website daily, from now on and can guarantee more followers, because all of my friends like desi cooking! Good luck!

    1. Well Hello there my Anonymous Friend! You really made my day with such of a lovely comment. I want to Welcome you to my site, So glad you made it here. I'm so glad you like the recipes hope they turn out great for u. I do put in a lot of time and Effort to Share new recipes with you all daily! So hope you ENJOY, Thanks again for your Kind words Naz:)

  6. Too much my mouth....can't get....through tablet.....screen!

  7. Salaam Naz. Maimoena here from Cape Town. May I have your email address please?

    1. WaSalam Maimoena, Thanks for stopping by, so happy to have you here sis, heres my email xx Naz


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