Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick Fix Kabob Burgers For The Kids

     Quick Fix Chicken Kabob, Cucumber, and Mayo Burger

Today I wanted to Fix a quick lunch for my kids, I wanted The lunch to be Hardy, yet Healthy. So I cooked up my recipe  for a Chicken kabob burger, added a few slices of cucumbers, so it could be nice and cooling, with a dash of Mayonnaise.(my kids don't like the raw onions or tomatoes) 
I  used my food processor to make the kabobs, Just add everything to the processor, mix for about 5 min, and cook the patties.
My kids were crazy after the burgers, you can make the kabobs, and freeze them in a Air Tight Container, like I do so when you don't have nothing for lunch, and you want a quick fix for your kids,  just pop open your refrigerate, defrost the kabobs for about 15 min, and shallow fry.
You only need a few simple Ingredients:
servings for 4-6
 4 burger buns, or 8 slices of bread
1 cucumber/ sliced thin
1 chicken breast/ washed cut into cubes,( so you can put it in the food processor)
pinch of salt or (according to taste)
pinch of black pepper
1 onion/diced very small
1 tsp crushed coriander
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 egg
1/4 cup of bread crumbs
slice of cheese (optional)
oil for frying
Put everything in to the food Processor chicken, onion, salt, pepper, coriander, garlic paste, bread crumbs, and egg  Mix for about 5 min, until you see all the ingredients finely chopped.
Pour into a bowl and mix again with your hands for a couple of mins.
Now heat your non-stick pan with oil, you can deep fry or shallow fry the kabobs with less oil to stay on the healthy side.
Fry for about 1 min. on each side until the kabobs look nice and golden brown.
Place on a paper towel to absorb access oil.
Now make the burgers, spread mayonnaise on each side of the burger bun, you can also use ketchup or mayonnaise.
Place the kabob on the bun, (bread)
Then layer with refreshing cucumbers.
Cut in half or serve whole for your kids, with fries, and their favorite fruit juice.
I hope you will enjoy this yummy recipe. Your questions, or comments mean a lot to me so leave them in the comment box below.
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