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Chicken Chili Cheese Shawarma Wrap

Chicken Chili Cheese Shawarma Wrap... Chili chicken made with Spices, and Seasonings, with fresh Salads, Veggies, Cheese, and a mouthwatering Chutney. Wrapped in a Soft Chewy Tortilla.

I have my hands full with my 3 boys a houseful of cleaning, and my Ramadan Ibadat. So I know what It feels like when all you Mom's don't have a clue about what to cook, when your busy with everything. That's why I want to share my quick & easy yet so tasty and delicious recipe with all of you. This is a great Meal for Iftari, There just made in minutes. My kids love To grab them on the go, I  put all the leftovers away in the refrigerator and just heat them up for the kids for lunch...Try some today

Ingredients for 8-10 Shawarmas

For the Chicken mix
1 lb boneless chicken breast washed, cut, sliced
4 tbs olive oil ( or any brand you preffer)
1 tbs  ginger garlic paste
1/2 cup of yogurt
4 tbs SHAN Tikka Masala ( I prefer SHAN but you can use any brand )
1 tsp salt ( or according to your taste)
1/2 tsp red chili pepper
2 lemons squeezed

For the Toppings
1 big onion diced or sliced
2 big tomatoes/sliced
2 bell peppers/sliced
1 cucumber/diced
iceberg lettuce/chopped

1 pack Tortillas ( I used Pre packed Tortillas, often used for burritos and wraps you can get from any grocery store)
2 Cups of grated Cheddar Cheese ( or any brand you prefer)

In a bowl add your chicken, yogurt, ginger garlic, salt, pepper, tikka masala, and lemon juice.
Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate for 15 min.
Now in wok or pan heat your oil and add the marinated chicken, stir cover and cook for 10-15 min on medium flame. (adding a bit of water occasionaly so it dosent stick).
Remove lid and stir again, once you see the chicken releasing oil and the gravy is dry remove from heat.

Wash and cut your toppings Mix and put them in a bowl

Lastly we will make our quick and delicious Chutney to Garnish it off:

Add your 1 cup yogurt, With some garnished (minced up cilantro) I usually use a juicer to mince it very small. Add Salt to taste and little dash of lemon.

Now assemble your shwarma's
Lay out a Tortilla put about 2-3 tbs of the chicken mix, add Salad, and 2-3 tbs of chutney ( or as much as you prefer)
Now add a hand full of cheese on top of it
Then  we will wrap the shwarma, kind of like a envelope, or a burrito.
 I usually make a paste out of Allpurpose flour (add 3 tbs of flour with 1 tbs water, mix and apply that to close the shwarma on the sides like a burrito

Heat up a Tawa or nonstick pan on low heat grease with oil and cook for about 1-2 min on each side. By doing this you have a crispier cooked shwarma, and the cheese is all yummy and gooeeyy soft.

Cut In the middle if you prefer or eat whole, serve with fries, salads, or your favorite fizzy drink and enjoy:)

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  1. Thank you for the lovely recipes. You are such a talented cook, Keep the wonderful recipes coming

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  2. Loved the recipe....Gonna try this soon

    1. Thankyou so much Sherien Ramzan, a loving welcome to my site.. looking forward to being friends:)

  3. Jazakallah
    I love this recipes

    1. Thank you so much.. Jazakallah for visiting my site.. A warm loving welcome:)

  4. Waoooooooooooooo my favourite shwarma :) Naz Khan You are Masha Allah superb :)

  5. I made this yesterday and waoooooooo it turned so great as compared to extra hot (spicy) Shawarma we usually get from market. Thankyou so much Naz, always stay blessed Ameen I love you because of your easy recipes.

    1. "wow" Im so happy for you, and so glad they turned out good... Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Mahwish, I really appreciate it...Thanks again for your beautiful dua God bless you too...

  6. i will try this for my husband.. he loves Shawarma :)

    1. Thanks Monu, Its one of our family favorite aswell.. Do give it a try im sure you'll love it..

  7. Dear can i ask something, i have seen many chefs using Tahini Paste in shawarmas .. do u have any idea regarding that ? :)

  8. thank you for coming to our link party and dropping of your lovely recipe. We hope to see you again next week.


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