Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zarda Rice Colorful

Zarda rice Colorful. Is a Delicious aromatic Pakistani, Indian Sweet dish. That can make a yummy dessert to accompany any meal. It consists of rice, sugar, cardamon seeds, nuts, and food coloring to give it that spectacular look, and taste.. Zarda rice is also often cooked for Eid, Diwali, and big events or get together's.
I make the yummy sweet colorful rice often because my kids get a kick out of it for dessert, and plus its so easy to make. So if your a Mom with your hands full than this is a great quick recipe to get a smile on everyone's face at the dinner table.

Ingredients to serve 8-10
Prepartion 20 min
Cooking time 35 min
3 cups (saila)whole grain rice, or basmati rice (presoaked for 1 hour prior to cooking)
Sugar 2 1/2 cups
Milk 1 cup
Pistachios finely chopped 10 pieces
Almonds finely chopped 10 pieces
Cardamon 6-8 pieces
Food Color (If your using color tubes then 1 drop out of each bottle, or then u can have one color red, yellow, orange etc.)
Butter, ghee or oil 1 cup
6 Dates ( or as many as you desire)

Bring water to boil in big pot add drained rice 6 cloves of dates and 3 cardamon seeds.
When rice is half way done strain in a colander, and leave in a colander for few minutes.
Now pour the rice in a large open bowl
Mix in the food color, nuts, pistachios, sugar and milk
Heat oil in a large pan, add the rest of the cardamon seeds, and add rice
Stir with a wooden spoon cover and cook on high heat for 5-10 min
Then put the pan on a tava or put on very low heat
Keep cooking on low heat for 10 to 15 min until rice absorbs milk and access water .
Serve rice hot or cold, and enjoy...........

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