Monday, March 11, 2013

Salad Garnish done in just minutes

Today I decided to try something new with the way i garnish my salads.I thought of lining the salad instead of laying it out, and like you can see it turned out marvelous..Everyone loved it I hope you will too.

Ingredients:servings for 2-4
1 fresh cucumber
1 fresh tomato
1 fresh onion
1 fresh white radish
slice of lemon
1 salad leaf
1 slice of fresh salad
1 slice of carrot
pinch of salt optional
Wash peel and slice all ingredients
In a desired plate start lining onions,then cucmber,and white radish
Layout a piece of salad leaf and add your tomatoes with your lemon
Garnish with sliced salad in the center, and add 2 slices of carrots to the left
Sprinkle with salt and enjoy with your favorite meals..Belive me it will make your dinner table look Beautiful

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