Thursday, March 7, 2013

Russian Salad

There are no words to explain this delicious creamy salad. Made with fresh fruits and vegetables Great for everyday or get togethers..

Ingredients: serves 6-8
2 cups french beans
2 cups carrots
2 cups green peas
2 cups potatoes
1 small can (450) grams sliced or diced pineapple
2 apples
1 1/2 cup fresh cream
2 cups mayonnaise
1 boiled beet root
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
2 table spoon sugar

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and boil.
Chop the pineapples and apples
Mix the fruits and vegetables together
Mix the mayonnaise and cream
Mix the mayonnaise and cream thoroughly with vegetables,add salt pepper and sugar
Line a salad bowl with salad leaves. Pile the salad leaves in the center
Decorate with slices of  beet root
Serve Chili Cold with your favorite Lunch or Dinner.
Or Serve as  an appetizing snack Enjoyyyyy

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