Thursday, March 7, 2013

Home Made Vegetarian Pizza

In my family, pizza is one of the most favorite, and wanted food,Its very simple and easy to make,plus you can make a couple and just put them in your refrigerator even freezer, for leftovers,lunches or guests...
So here is my simple recipe for Home Made Vegetarian Pizza:
Ingredients you will need for 1 pizza:
1 baking pan
3 cups of self rising dough...(any brand)
2 table spoons oil
1 tea spoon salt
1 tea spoon sugar
some water for mixing and making dough

For the Home made sauce you will need
4 big tomatoes
1 tea spoon of olive oil (veg oil etc)
1 tea spoon of garlic salt
1 tea spoon of black pepper
1 tea spoon of oregano
2 table spoon of  all purpose  white flour
a wisk and a blender

For the toppings (they can be any you desire)
1 onion,
4 mushrooms

1 can of olives
2 tomatoes
1 pack of mozzarella cheese

Some black pepper to sprinkle on top of pizza
Some oregano to sprinkle on top of pizza

Start with the dough add all of the ingredients and knead dough with hot water.put aside to rise

Make the sauce add all ingredients to a blender mix for 2 mins until it becomes a thick paste.pour into a pan or pot,and put on medium fire cook for 15 min. Then make a paste mixture with the wisk from the all purpose flour, and wisk into the sause ,(the flour paste mix is for the sauce to become nice and thick) cook for a nother 5 minutes...and Wallaaaa home made traditional pizza sauce...

Cut all the toppings as you desire (diced or round)
Now were ready to make the pizza , roll out the dough on a clean surface you can make the pizza round or square depending on your pizza pan.sprinkle a little bit of oil on the pizza pan , now cover the pizza dough with all the sauce, now top with cheese, then top with the toppings,, sprinkle with some black pepper , and oregano. place in your oven on 350 temp  cook for 15 minutes. Remove and cool on a baking sheet or pan..
There you go Delicious Home Made Vegetarian Pizza ..For everyone......

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