Thursday, March 7, 2013

Firni (vanilla custard) topped with Almonds

It was a cold and rainy day out side today. My husband asked for some Firni (custard) so I decided  we would have nice and hot Vanilla custard for dessert. It turned out to be  very delicious and the kids loved it too, Our dessert made us all nice and warm.

 Ingredients :
4 cups of milk
half cup vanilla  firni powder (any brand)
half cup of sugar (taste and add more sugar if needed)
1 tea spoon of butter
2 lachi seeds(cardamon)
half cup of water
and a whisk.

Pour the 4 cups of milk,sugar,cardamon,and butter into pot and boil. for 15 min. now in a separate bowl add your firni powder,mix in water and whisk so it performs a thick paste. 
Now mix the paste into the boiling milk
keeping whisking for about 2 min on very low flame
Then remove from heat pour into your serving bowl immediatly' or other wise it will get clumpy"
Now garnish with your favorite toppings (i had almonds) and


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