Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bite Size Chicken Popcorn Hot Tenders

These Bite Size Chicken Popcorn Hot Tenders, are great as a appetizing snack! So quick and easy to make,, They taste extra good munching on them while your watching your favorite movie, or your next Football game...

servings for 4-6
2 pounds of Chicken Breast 
1 tea spoon salt 
1 tea spoon red chili pepper
1 tea spoon turmeric
1 cup of vinegar
1 egg
1 cup of bread crumbs
1 cup of cereal (corn flakes) any brand

Wash and cut chicken breast into bite size pieces,
 add in the 1 cup of vinegar let marinate for 15-20 min. (so the chicken can be Nice and juicy)  
Then strain out the vinegar, do not wash the chicken again.
Now add salt, turmeric, chili peppers and mix.
beat the egg and dip the chicken bites into the egg mix, 

In a separate bowl add the bread crumbs, crush the cornflakes just a little with your hand's and add to bread crumbs.
Heat frying pan on medium flame.
Dip the chicken bites  into the egg then blanch into the bowl of breadcrumbs and cereal mix and add to the oil in the frying pan. Cook on both sides until the chicken bites are nice and brown on each side
Drain on paper towel to remove access oil..
garnish with salad or onions, serve with ketchup or barbecue sauce
Enjoy everyone!!!

Let me know how they turn out......Enjoy...

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