Thursday, March 7, 2013

Banana Firni with Banana,and Almond Topping

The Dessert of the day is Banana Firni with Banana,and almond toppings.
(You can have any flavor)

Ingredients :
4 cups of milk
half cup banana  firni powder (any brand)
half cup of sugar (taste and add more sugar if needed)
1 tea spoon of butter
2 lachi seeds(cardamon)
half cup of water
and a whisk.

Pour the 4 cups of milk,sugar,cardamon,and butter into pot and boil. for 15 min. now in a separate bowl add your firni powder,mix in water and whisk so it performs a thick paste. 
Now mix the paste into the boiling milk
keeping whisking for about 2 min on very low flame
Then remove from heat pour into your serving bowl immediatly' or other wise it will get clumpy"
Now garnish with Banana and Almonds..

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